About Us

We are a family business that loves big experiences.

We started with the Monteverde house, a magic property that allows 20 people to sleep comfortable and have the best of times. This place is perfect for adventure seekers, but also for peace and tranquility lovers that find so amazing to connect with nature and get to know all the biodiversity Monteverde offers.

Two years later, we wanted to have a beach house with similar characteristics: a quiet environment, a heavenly beach, the local experience and the kind of sunsets that feed your soul.

Carrillo Beach

As a family, we believe that traveling in big groups of friends or family makes the experience to be unforgettable, so we worked on creating fully equipped properties with all the important things any big group of people can need.

We do our best to create the best stays and experiences ever, giving our properties the best recipe: comfort and coziness surrounded by nature and magic vibes that represent the life philosophy of Costa Ricans: HAVE A PURA VIDA TIME!.

We travel every year with our friends and family so we are often making changes and improving our properties with all the needs any group could ask for.
Expect the best of us in Guarumo!!

Why Guarumo?

Guarumo is the name of a beautiful tree often founded in Costa Rica, its a very important source of food for a lot of animals such as mamels, birds, reptiles and bats.
Inside the tree is normally the house of big colonies of ants, and his leaves are known for having a lot of medical properties.

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